Warranty and post-warranty repairs

 Warranty and post-warranty repairs


Hardware (label printers, barcode scanners, mobile and mounted terminals, elements of WLAN) bought in IBCS Poland are on standard warranty provided by manufacturer. Conditions of warranty are included in warranty card that is delivered with the device. Warranty periods depend on the kind of hardware and reach from 6 months to 5 years. In case of printing heads, period or head progression occurs equivalently. Some accessories are not valid for warranty commitment. Our software warranty includes compatibility of application functionality with project and order.

IBCS Poland prioritizes malfunctions of software and hardware that is on maintenance agreements or service contracts and makes effort to fulfill warranty commitments in shortest possible time. In order to get access to remote technical help – Helpdesk (HD) or repair RMA (Return to Manufacturer Assignment), you need to register on Customer Portal. After the registration, application number will be generated and confirmation will be sent to you via email.

During registration we ask for:

  • choice of application type (HD – technical help, RMA – repair application),
  • entering license number, warranty, contract or device serial number (this information helps us to qualify the application as warranty),
  • a short description of problem/malfunction,
  • return address (in case of RMA),
  • verification of personal data of contact person (if other than in our database).

Please send devices to repair to: IBCS Poland Service, Al. J. Piłsudskiego 46, 33-300 Nowy Sącz.In case of warranty repairs, IBCS Poland covers return delivery. Please attach RMA number to all devices, it significantly advances repair of your hardware.

Those of you who bought hardware, services or software in IBCS Poland and don’t have online access to technical portal: www.klient.ibcs.pl, please contact us via phone or email: (18) 44 00 226, helpdesk@ibcs.pl

Those of you who haven’t bought software, services or software in IBCS Poland and would like to take advantage of our technical help, please contact us.