Sale of used equipment

Sale of used equipment


Due to the withdrawal of Microsoft from support for the Windows Mobile and Windows CE operating systems for mobile devices, the manufacturers decided to introduce the device with Android operating system. There is a need to adapt the application software to the new system, both on the side of devices and servers. Migration process can be long, it results from the need to perform the necessary system analyzes for the purposes of restoring it for the Android environment. It is connected with additional costs of building the software as well as the purchase of new devices.

In order to meet your needs, we offer the possibility of purchasing devices with Windows.
Thanks to this, you will gain:

  • continuity in the implementation of activities,
  • minimization of costs related to the purchase of new devices and software.

We offer sale of used equipment. Additionally, the offered devices will have 1-year service contracts with the possibility of their renewal or purchase for devices already owned and used in the company, but without an active contract. These contracts are not only a standard warranty, but also a warranty for the removal of operational or mechanical failures that make it impossible to use the device.

The following device models are currently available:

  • CK3B
  • CK3X
  • CK70
  • CK71
  • CN50
  • CN51
  • MC3090
  • MC3190
  • MC32
  • MC9090
  • MC9190
  • MC92N0
  • RS409
  • RS419
  • VC5090
  • WT4090-N/T
  • WT41N0-N/T