Printer heads

Printer heads

Printer head is a component necessary for the proper operation of the equipment – in fact, one of the most crucial. It is he who is responsible for the direct transfer of the print to the surface of the material – thermal paper or plain paper with additional tracing paper – and thus also the print quality itself.

Due to the fact that it is a heavily used part of the printer during operation, its regular maintenance is necessary. You cannot forget about proper use – proper adjustment of the head pressure or reaching only for original consumables.

However, it is worth remembering that even in the case of high-end devices from reputable manufacturers, printer heads will wear out over time, and you will simply have to replace them with new ones. It should not be underestimated – a defective head may lead to the failure of another element of the printer, and also significantly reduce the quality of the printout.

Printer heads

Printer heads are available in a wide range of prices and many different variants. Each of them is adapted to different requirements and, of course, a specific model of equipment. When it comes to label printers, there are currently two types of print heads on sale. What to choose?

  • Flat printer heads – the basic element of barcode printers, positioned horizontally to the thermal transfer ribbon. They offer a wide selection of tapes. Used with the use of appropriate parameters and materials, they ensure very good print quality and a long service life.
  • Edge printer heads – Also known as floating heads, this is a more advanced form of flathead found only in plastic card printers. A characteristic feature is the automatic, automatic adjustment of the head position to the thickness of consumables. The overprint is applied on the basis of sublimation – that is, the desired colours are evaporated into the surface of the card. This technique is only used in plastic card printers. Then they are covered by the head with a special laminate to protect against premature fading. The target look of the card is obtained by acquiring the appropriate colours from the red, yellow and blue colour palette.

Sale of print heads

In our store, we sell printer heads with various parameters, intended for various printer models, including semi-industrial and industrial label printers, RFID or plastic card printers. Among the available proposals, there are also those from the most famous and reputable manufacturers – Zebra, Honeywell, Citizen or Sato are just some of them. The offer includes heads with a print resolution of 200, 300 and 600 DPI for various applications.

In addition to selling printer heads, we also offer the opportunity to purchase many other practical accessories for company devices. We care about surrounding customers with comprehensive service – in our service you can also use the option of replacing or repairing your equipment.

From the very beginning, we also provide services in the field of implementing modern IT projects, improving the course of logistics processes in enterprises in the field of the supply chain. If necessary, we are at your disposal!

You do not know which head to choose for your printer model? Please do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to help you choose and answer all your questions!