Service contracts

Service contracts

Include the following services:

  • extension of warranty time (up to 5 years) for manufacturing defects,
  • free repairs of defects connected with mechanical damage and daily exploitation,
  • faster repairs (1, 3, 5 days).

Contract differ by validity period (depending on the producer, it is 1,3 or 5 years) and repair time. During the last 30 days of contract you can renew them for 2 years.

A package of services supporting contracts of equipment manufacturer. It includes elements that cannot, if only for language barrier, be conducted by foreign service centre:

  • remote technical support for users (Helpdesk),
  • logistic service and reporting,
  • battery load and test,
  • post-repair configuration,
  • restoring software,
  • replacement for manufacturer’s repair time.

Elements of ibcsPomoc contract can be selected. Validity time of these contract is also flexible. Minimal time si 3 months, maximal time is limited only by validity of producer’s service contracts.